MEPCO Bill Online Duplicate Copy in 2023

Don’t panic, if you have lost your original MEPCO Bill. Here is the free website for you to check and download the duplicate bill of the MEPCO. You can check the online copy of the electricity bill by inserting the 14 digits of the reference number or 10 digits of a valid customer ID. Print out the electricity bill of MEPCO and download it in PDF form. Even you can download the old as well as the latest industrial and commercial bills of MEPCO.

MEPCO Online Bill Check

Enter 14 digits reference number or 10 digits consumer ID below for MEPCO Bill check online in 2023:

You can check the MEPCO consumer Bill (Bijli bill), either the old or new connection and the previous and last WAPDA Bill MEPCO. It can be used to query and generate the months-wise bills like January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November. You can pay your electricity bill through online billing methods. MEPCO Bill Status can be viewed through this web.

MEPCO and its Areas

MEPCO is the abbreviation of Multan Electric Power Company. MEPCO, a power transmission, and distribution company, supplies electricity to various regions of Southern Punjab and Northern Sindh in Pakistan. It serves 20 million people either in commercial or residential areas. It covers the following cities in Pakistan:

MEPCO and its Areas
MEPCO and its Areas


MEPCO bill, an electricity bill, is issued to consumers by the MEPCO Company in response to the consumption of electricity. The bill typically includes information of the number of units consumed by the consumer, the customer’s account number, billing period, previous and current meter reading, the applicable tariff and charges, charges of consumption, and due date and after-date payment.

MEPCO Bill Information

Typically a MEPCO Bill includes the following information:

  1. Customer information: It includes the customer’s name, address, and consumer number.
  2. Billing period: The period for which the bill is issued i.e. one month.
  3. Previous balance: Balance of previous month/months.
  4. Current charges: Charges of consumed electricity in the current month.
  5. Taxes and other charges: These include MEPCO charges and Govt. taxes for electricity development
  6. Due date: The date up to which the bill must be paid without a fine.
  7. Total charges: Current bill, total FPA, payable within the date, and payable after the due date are included in this section.
  8. It also includes the reading date, issue date, and due date of the bill.
MEPCO Bill Infomation
MEPCO Bill Sample

How to Perform MEPCO Bill Online Check?

To check and download the MEPCO Bill (MEPCO Bill Check karne ka tarika), adopt the following steps:

  1. Visit the website by using Google, chrome, or any search engine.
  2. Put the 14 digits Reference Number or 10-digit Valid Customer ID.
  3. Enter to check the bill.
  4. Download the bill in PDF form or print it out by using a printer.

Bill Checking Explanation with Pictures

MEPCO and its Operations

MEPCO performs the following operations:

  1. MEPCO, a public sector company, is owned by the Government of Pakistan that was held in 1998 to improve the distribution of electricity in its service areas.
  2. It operates under the jurisdiction of NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority). NEPRA sets out the rules and regulations for different sectors of electricity working in Pakistan.
  3. It covers an area of 160,000 KM to distribute the electricity lines.
  4. MEPCO has implemented energy efficiency and lighting programs, and solar energy projects to be aware of the consumers’ reduced energy consumption and its cost.
  5. It is also committed to maintain and repair the distribution networks, and investigate to upgrade and modernize the electricity infrastructure.
  6. It is also responsible to handle the queries and problems of customers related to energy services.

MEPCO and its Services

MEPCO is involved to provide value-added services like:

  1. Prepaid meter installation: MEPCO offers its customers to provide the meter installation and monitor their energy.
  2. Load management program: In industrial and commercial sectors, MEPCO offers a load management program that allows customers to reduce their energy consumption in peak hours which can reduce the burden on the energy grid.
  3. Energy audits: This energy audit can help customers to reduce energy costs with lower consumption of electricity by upgrading energy appliances or energy conversation measures.
  4. Customers can report the outage issue to WAPDA and request assistance from the team of technicians.

MEPCO Peak Hours

Hours in which the electricity demand is at its peak are called peak hours. These can vary depending on cities and seasons. Typically peak hours are in the early morning as people return to their homes. MEPCO charges during peak hours are higher compared to other times to encourage consumers to conserve electricity. Following are the MEPCO peak hours:

MEPCO Bill History

Check your MEPCO Bill History on At, we store a copy of your monthly MEPCO bills every time you check them on our website. This means that you can easily access your bill history at any time.We can only store bills that have been checked through this website.To access your MEPCO bill history, simply enter your reference number in the provided field. Start managing your bills with ease on today.


  1. Visit website.
  2. Put your customer ID mentioned on your bill.
  3. Click on view complete bill.
  4. Click on the print bill.
  1. Visit website.
  2. Put your reference number or customer ID mentioned on your bill.
  3. Click on view complete bill.
  4. Click on the print bill.

A MEPCO Bill is a report generated by the MEPCO Office for consumers. It contains information like electricity units consumed, charges of the bill, due date, previous months’ bills, etc.

  1. Visit website to check this month’s bill.
  2. Put your reference number or customer ID mentioned on your bill.
  3. Click on view complete bill.
  4. Click on the print bill to check the MEPCO Bill statement.
  1. Visit website to check this month’s bill.
  2. Put your reference number or customer ID mentioned on your bill.
  3. Click on view complete bill.
  4. Click on the print bill to check the MEPCO Bill statement.