Online Connection Transfer Process or Change Connection Name

Don’t worry if you want the bill name change or name correction online. You can change the name from the previous owner’s name to the new one’s name by following the mentioned connection transfer process. You can transfer the connection online as well as through the manual method. You can also check the MEPCO Bill for the new connection. Here are both methods to change the name on the previous connection.

Connection Transfer Process through Online Method

Following is the connection transfer process of MEPCO:

  1. To fill out the application through the online method, click here.
  2. If you want to change the connection name press “change”.
  3. Select the application type, and write the names of the applicant’s particulars.
  4. Upload the given documents (Attested CNIC copy of an applicant, applicant’s electricity bill copy, proof of ownership).
  5. Agree on the terms and conditions that confirm your willingness, and press on apply.

Connection Transfer Process through Manual Method

Download the application form in your desired language either in English or Urdu.

This manual method is the same as prescribed in the online new connection procedure. Otherwise, the points or slight difference in both methods is mentioned. But don’t forget the attachment of the prescribed documents along with the filled application form. All 8 points of both methods are the same just follow the instructions of the above-mentioned URL.

Extra Documents Attachment for Commercial Connection Transfer Process

Attach the additonl documents for the connection transfer procedure as attached for a new connection. Documents include the prescribed name for the connection, power of attorney if more than one owners of a company, map of the place where a connection is required, address, CNIC copies, NOC, and attested copies from SEC.

Additional Papers for New Name

Attach the same extra documents as performed for a new connection. Check the article for a new connection. The documents include the issuance certificate that declares all dues, and the test report of wiring.

Category 1 (Upto 15KW) Connection Transfer Process

The same steps can be followed here as followed for a new connection. The steps include the submission of the documents to the MEPCO Office, receiving the allotment number of documents submission, an inspection of connection placement, the decision of rejection or acceptance of an application, budget estimation, demand notice paid status from any bank, approval of wiring test report, issuance of service connection order, receiving the equipment, and installation of connection. The total duration required for all these steps is one month.

Category 2 (Upto 16-70KW/400V) Connection Transfer Process

The steps required for a category 2 connection are equal to the category 1 connection. The only difference is the number of required days. The total required days for category 2 connection are 44 days. Instead of SDO/Assistant Manager, EXN/Deputy Manager decides the acceptance of an application. During the installment of connection, deputy manager operation, assistant manager operation, and M &T are the comity members.

Category 3 (Upto 71-500KW/400V)

The steps of this type of connection are the same as for the category 2 connection. The only required number of days is quite different i.e. 73 days. The comity members include the deputy manager operation, assistant manager operation, and M & T.

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